Archival Frequencies: Decolonising the Archive

Words by: Black Archives Sweden Published on: 9 March, 2023

What does it mean to decolonise the archive and is it possible? What do we do with our past and heritage? How do we create and recreate our own narratives? Can archives offer possibilities for repair and healing?

Part three of Black Archives Sweden’s podcast is a deep and dynamic conversation between Etienne Joseph from Decolonising the Archive (DTA) and host Samuel Girma. The talk takes us on a sonic trip through different continents and life stages, interweaved with reflections and discussions on liberation, Black internationalism and Black social movements.

The following sound bites are used in the episode:

Soundbite 1(intro sound):  Earth Sound – Exhibition Soundscape, from DTA

Soundbite 2:  Don’t Forget Your Culture – Esther Stanford-Xosei, from DTA

Soundbite 3: Earth Sound – Exhibition Soundscape, from DTA

All the soundbites in the episode are from DTA’s archive. 

Host: Samuel Girma

Producer: Daniel Säfström

Graphic Designer: Lars Høie

Studio: Folkets Husby 

Concept: Black Archives Sweden

Learn more about Decolonising the Archive (DTA) here:

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The episode is done by Black Archives Sweden in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Stockholm and with support from The City of Malmö and Region Skåne.

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