Archival Frequencies: DJ Lynnée Denise

Words by: Black Archives Sweden Published on: 8 February, 2023

Do we ever think of sampling as an act of archiving? What is Black music? What happens when we migrate with our sounds? What do we do with the sounds of our ancestors echoed between Africa, The Americas, and Europe? When do we speak about the exploitation of Black artists and Black music, about our disappointments?

In part two of Black Archives Sweden’s podcast, a conversation filled with warmth and emotions, Samuel Girma and DJ Lynnée Denise dig through the crates together: from Lynnée’s family’s music archive to LA’s 80’s dance floors to her own scholarship to make sense of space, Blackness, dj scholarship, archive, and social movements.

The following sound bites are used in the episode:

Soundbite 1 (intro sound): Ne me quitte pas  (Ain’t got no home: Mapping the migration of Nina Simone in the 1970s-80s) by DJ Lynnée Denise.

Soundbite 2:  State Funeral by DJ Lynnée Denise 

All the soundbites in the episode are part of DJ Lynnée Denise’s archive and archival practice. 

Host: Samuel Girma

Producer: Daniel Säfström

Graphic Designer: Lars Høie

Studio: Folkets Husby 

Concept: Black Archives Sweden

Learn more about DJ Lynnée Denise here:

The episode is done by Black Archives Sweden in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Stockholm and with support from The City of Malmö and Region Skåne.

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