Artist talk with Ina Nian and Samuel Girma

Words by: Black Archives Sweden Published on: 27 October, 2021

In this artist talk, Ina Nian discusses their ongoing solo exhibition at Whose Museum, The Weight of Silence, with Samuel Girma. Nian shares their experience in the archives which have laid the foundation for the exhibition. Using the mediums of video, sound, text, and installation to create new works, Nian creates a context where a reckoning with Sweden’s imperial history becomes a necessity. The weight of an ignored and neglected history is inescapably felt. During the talk, the artist unpacks their artistic practice that includes Black Noise, a low frequency sound that highlights the experiences of anti-black racism and blackness on a frequential level.

Image from the exhibition The weight of Silence
Image from the exhibition The Weight of Silence. Photographer: Lena Bergendahl

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