Ellen Aduofua Bernadsson

Words by: Ellen Aduofua Bernadsson Published on: 19 January, 2023
Ellen Aduofua Bernardsson on her first bike. 3-4 years old. In front of family friends Anita and Olle’s house. Location: Umeå. Year: 1993 – 1994. Photographer: Father Bernard Osei-fofie.
Ellen Aduofua Bernadsson rides a rooster painted Dale horse. Year: 1994-1995. Location: Leksand. Photographer: Father Bernard Osei-fofie.
At the hospital in Skellefteå. On the left, Ellen, 6 years old, on the right, Olivia, 3 years old. Ellen shares that they were waiting for their mother Felicity to give birth to their youngest sister Gloria. Year: 1996. Photographer: Father Bernard Osei-fofie.
Gloria Aduofua Bernadsson, 6-7 years old, practices the guitar in the family’s terraced house. The picture was taken in Skellefteå, on Basgatan [Bass street] in the area, Sjungande dalen [the Singing valley]. Ellen remembers that all the streets in the area had names linked to music. Photographer: Father Bernard Osei-fofie.
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