Ina Nian

Words by: Ina Nian Published on: 26 June, 2024
I’m getting my hair braided by my dad Ebou’s friends. I was very excited at first but it took so long that I fell asleep. Paris around 1999. Photographer: unknown. 
My mom Pia, me and my dad Ebou celebrating Midsummer somewhere in
Skåne. We were lucky with the weather and everything felt wonderful. Circa 1995. Photographer: unknown. 
Me and my friend Cindy at my 4th birthday party, probably waiting for
“fishing pond”. 1996, Helsingborg. Photographer: unknown. 
Picture from a photo album given to me by my grandmother Lisbeth on my 30th birthday. In the album you can follow my whole life with family and friends, all the trips and excursions my grandmother and I have been on together. In this picture on the left, I’m posing on my grandmother’s kitchen couch in my very typical 90s outfit. And to the right is a newspaper clipping from Helsingborgs dagblad at Kallis in Helsingborg. Me and Carl-Gustaf, who I didn’t know, helped to fill the bucket. Helsingborg, circa 1994. Photographer: unknown. 
Drawing of myself. Self-portrait I gave to my grandmother, which is also in the photo album. Helsingborg, 1998.
Letter I sent to my grandmother that my mother helped me write. Helsingborg. I don’t remember how old I was but not old enough to write, maybe [written in] 1995.
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