Mariama Jobe

Words by: Mariama Jobe Published on: 5 January, 2023
1996. Mariama Jobe and her mother. Fatou Ann appears to be at a baptism. It is probably Mariama’s own baptism party, hence the white dress and traditional clothes that the mother wears. The baptism party was held in a room in Brandbergen. Photographer unknown.
1996. Mariama Jobe and her mother, Fatou Ann, at Mariama’s baptism. Her mother is wearing different clothes for the evening [celebrations]. Adorned in gold, sitting in front of a window and it appears to be snowing behind, [with snow] on the other side of the yard. The daughter is born in February. Photographer unknown.
2002. Mariama Jobe and her big sister, Isatou Jobe are standing, wearing overalls and a silver winter jacket with two sleds by their legs. They are going to the hill in Jordbro park to go sledding together with mom or dad. Photographer Mom, Fatou Ann or Dad, Alieu Jobe.
2000 or 1999. Mariama Jobe, 4-5 years old sitting in the hallway on Christmas Eve, wearing a red overall and a fluttered black, white and red hat. Photographer unknown
2001 or 2002. Mariama Jobe, about 5-6 years old, stands together with her older sister, Isatou Jobe in front of their apartment building in Jordbro. It is winter and it is snowing heavily. Photographer, father, Alieu Jobe.
1998. Mariama Jobe sits to the right of her mother, Fatou Ann, and to the left sits older sister Isatou Jobe. In the mirror, father is seen taking the photograph. It is one of the oldest pictures of the apartment which has had many changes since then. They are sitting on a brown sofa. Photographer, father, Alieu Jobe.
2001. Mariama Jobe in a black silk skirt, white stockings and a white blouse stands resting her hands on her father’s knees. The father and daughter are watching something by the brown leather sofa, while big sister Isatou, who has ribbons in her hair and blue clothes sits by the door in the living room. Photographer: Unknown
2001. Probably a school photograph of Mariama Jobe, at the age of four or five at kindergarten, in that case it is at Gräskoben’s kindergarten in Jordbro. I wear two large hair ribbons with a blue and pink cuddly teddy attached to the buckles, which match the blue, white and pink silk dress. Photographer unknown.
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