Index of archival projects / sites

This is an index of places Black Archives Sweden has visited and/or been in meaningful dialogue and ex- change with during the period of September 2022—February 2023, with funds from the City of Malmö and Region Skåne. The list includes archival projects, archives, independent project spaces, bookshops and community centers — all dedicated in their own ways to contributing with space, community, critical discourses and dialogues of our contemporary world. Almost all of them are independent spaces. The connections made between the places are not fixed or defined, rather a suggestion to movement and exchange.

This index is limited, particularly in terms of places and geographies, but we hope to continue to add on and warmly welcome recommendations, especially of places outside of the West. Despite the limitations, we encourage you to look up these projects and spaces and support their work in any way you can, as many of them, regardless of location and their rich programming, operate on limited resources.

Download the PDF here