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Black Archives Sweden’s processing of personal data

The association Black Archives Sweden (BAS) ( 802534-5052) with postal address Bangatan 3, 214 26 Malmö, safeguards your personal integrity and strives to always protect your personal data as much as possible, maintaining its processing thereof in accordance with the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as applicable data protection legislations. 

To provide you with the ability to feel reassured with our handling of your information, we aim for transparency in how we process your personal data. In our privacy policy you can read about which data we collect about you and for what purposes, how we process the data and for how long we store it. The privacy policy also describes your rights and what you need to do to implement them. You can always contact us with your questions.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

The association Black Archives Sweden is responsible for the processing of your personal data and ensures that this processing is done in accordance with applicable data protection legislations.

Which information about you do we process and why?

By coming into contact with us at Black Archives Sweden and through using our website, some information such as personal data might be stored by us. Personal data is processed in relation to our collections for culturally historic material, in the archive, and in conjunction with collecting, documentation, exhibitions, research, on the website and on social media. Furthermore, data is processed in connection to your registering for events, exhibitions, visits and other activities arranged by Black Archives Sweden, and when you register for our newsletter, when you make purchases in our webshop and when you apply for positions we have posted.  


By continuing your use of our services or by visiting our websites, or by registering or extending your personal data to BAS through another channel of communication, you  admit to having read this privacy policy and agree to your personal data being processed in accordance with the description herein. If you do not consent to the privacy policy you should not use our services. For images and other materials we publish we require consent from whom it concerns. 

Different forms of processing when you contact us

Personal data submitted in connection to contacting us with questions, enquiries, or comments regarding our operations (your name, email, phone number, and in certain cases information regarding position, occupation or education) is saved for the purpose of administering the contact with you. The data is saved only until we have answered your questions and/or registered your comments. 

When you apply for a position or internship with us

Personal data submitted in connection with your application for a position or an internship (name, personal identification number, postal address, phone number, information about education and professional experience, data from letter of motivation, data from CV and references) is stored in order to administer and permit an efficient recruitment process. The processing of data is executed on the basis of a balancing of interests and the personal data is normally saved for the duration of time needed for the specific recruitment process. If when the process is concluded you are not offered the position we will erase your information. If you have agreed to it, your personal data might be stored for 18 months in order to facilitate future recruitment processes.  

If you register for our mailings and newsletters

Personal data submitted in connection with registering for newsletters and other mailings (email address and name, in some cases data regarding address, position, occupation and association affiliations) is stored in order to be used for the sending of newsletters and other mailings and is processed on the basis of a balancing of interests. The personal data is stored for the duration of the time that you are registered with us and will be erased when you state that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters. 

When you submit materials to the collections of the archive

Personal data submitted in connection with submitting materials to our collections, contemporary documentations and archive (name, gender, email address, phone number, birthday, birthyear, education/occupation/employment, birth place, video, audio, photographs, interests, opinions, experiences, statement about a third party, birth and death data, marital status, sensitive information such as medical data, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ethnic background and non-normative abilities) is stored in order to collect, convey, preserve and archive materials of cultural value for current and future generations. The processing is conducted on the basis of a general balancing of interests. The data is stored for as long as it is deemed neccessary for the purposes of the processing. To decide whether personal data shall continue to be preserved, we make an assessment regarding the continuous cultural heritage of the material and whether there might still be a general interest in processing the data. Personal data will be erased when materials are damaged or if for other reasons there is no relevance in preserving materials. The preservation thereof might also be conducted on the basis of historical and scientific research purposes. Data might in other cases be preserved in accordance with legal requirements or if you consent to it. 

Your rights

In accordance with existing applicable data protection legislations you have the right to access information on which personal data we process about you as well as the right to demand corrections regarding your personal data.

In the cases of you having consented to your personal data being processed, you have the right to at any moment withdraw parts of or the entirety of said consent, calling the withdrawal into effect from the moment in time at which it was made. You also have the right to at any moment object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing or profiling which otherwise is conducted on the basis of a general interest or the balancing of interests.


BAS uses and stores cookies about our users. We do this to promote the user-friendliness of our website and to improve the browser experience for our visitors. It is deemed a legitimate interest for BAS to preserve cookies on our website. 

Contact us

We hope that this policy can answer any questions regarding our processing of your personal data. If you have further reflections, want to exercise your rights as set out above or otherwise want to come in contact with us in relation to our processing of your personal data, you are warmly invited to do so by sending an email to:

This privacy policy was established by Black Archives Sweden on October 7th 2022.