“The Family Photo Album” consists of submission of photographs from your family archive. In order to submit to the Family Photo Album, you must be an Afro-Swede or Black person living in Sweden. With Black we mean people of African and Caribbean descent.

Furthermore, you must complete the following steps.


Upload 1- 2 photos from your family archive.


Read and accept the submission agreement.

Black Archives Sweden cannot publish submissions that do not meet the requirements, or if the contributor does not meet the submission agreement.

You can make your submission in English or Swedish. All published submissions will be translated into both languages.

    Upload visual material*

    *Allowed formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, pdf. Max 5 MB.

    *You can scan photographs at your local library. Most libraries have a scanner for photographs.

    *The copyright lies with the person who created the work, in this case, the person who took the photograph or photographs. If the photographer(s) and time of creation is unknown, please state that.

    About the contributor

    *Add your name to be credited for this submission. Type "anonymous" if you do not wish to be credited.

    *Add your name to be credited for this submission. Type "anonymous" if you do not wish to be credited.

    *Your email will be kept private and used only to contact you regarding this submission.

    Submission agreement

    1. Scope of the agreement

    The terms and conditions in this agreement are applicable when you (hereafter “the Contributor) submit documentation, information, and materials (hereafter “Materials”) to Black Archives Sweden (hereafter “BAS”). Black Archives Sweden handles and stores personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in order to be able to contact Contributors in the future regarding any issues related to their submissions and the materials preserved in the archive.

    2. About Black Archives Sweden

    Black Archives Sweden is a contemporary archive centered around the experiences and narratives of Afro-swedes and Black people in Sweden. The archive aims to strengthen the identities of Afro-Swedes and Black people in Sweden by creating spaces and processes of learning, exchange, and constructive and healing dialogues with art and research as our main methods.

    3. Accepted submissions

    BAS will screen and assess all submissions of material and will only accept and store material that is deemed relevant to BAS’ aim and principles as set out in this agreement. If the submission does not conform to the aim and principles of BAS, BAS reserves the right to reject the material at its own discretion. In such cases, the materials submitted will be permanently deleted.

    4. Purposes of submission

    If your submission is accepted, and if this agreement is accepted by the contributor, the agreement acknowledges that BAS has the rights to the digital and/or tangible property constituting the Material. Furthermore, BAS has the right to reproduce and make other uses of the Material in furtherance of BAS’ archiving, cultural and educational mission of providing access to information and knowledge.

    Hereby the agreement acknowledges that:

    1. In recognition of BAS’ archiving, cultural and educational mission and in consideration of BAS’ right to the digital and/or tangible property constituting the Material, the undersigned grants BAS a license that is:

    • Non-exclusive: The Contributor maintains their rights to the Material and BAS has the rights to publish it. BAS maintains the license to reproduce all or any portion of the Material, in any media now known or hereafter developed, including (without limitation to) electronic media, as well as via the internet.
    • Non-transferable: BAS has no right to grant third parties the rights to the submitted Materials
    • Perpetual: BAS has the right to the submitted Materials eternally or until the Contributor wishes otherwise
    • Non-remunerative: BAS has no rights to commercially use the submitted Materials
    • Royalty-free: The Contributor has no right to revenues from any exhibition or other activities that include their submitted Materials
    • Worldwide: BAS has the right to use the submitted Materials throughout the world in any media now known or hereafter developed (without limitation to) electronic media, and to display, distribute, transmit, publish and otherwise use such reproductions, as well as via the internet within the scope of this agreement.

    2. This license shall endure for the life of the copyright in each contributed Material, including any extensions or renewals thereof, or until the contributor wishes otherwise. Furthermore, the contributor warrants that they have the right to grant BAS this license.

    After reading the purposes of submission mentioned above please choose one of the following options:

    5. Personal information

    When you submit materials to BAS, the personal data will be processed for archiving purposes. BAS respects the right to privacy, and we are committed to complying with applicable data protection rules (GDPR) and safeguarding the Contributor’s rights. For further information about BAS processing of your personal data and your rights according to applicable data protection legislation (GDPR), see here.

    BAS may refuse to disclose personal data to any third parties if such disclosure is likely to cause damage or distress to any individual. Before providing access to its material to any third party, BAS will assess at its discretion if there is sensitive information or personal data in the material which can cause harm to any individual or group if disclosed. BAS, therefore, reserves its right to refuse to disclose certain materials to third parties.

    6. Changes

    The contributor has the right to change some or all parts of this agreement. The changes are valid only if in writing and when signed and approved by an authorized signatory of each party.

    7. Dispute resolution

    In the event of any dispute in relation to this agreement, the parties agree to make every effort to find an appropriate solution before taking any legal action. This does not apply in the case of clear violations.

    8. Binding Agreement

    This agreement is binding for BAS and the Contributor once accepted by checking the box below:

    Please bear in mind that it might take time before your submission is reviewed. We are a small team with limited capacity working on this project but will strive to keep you updated. If you have any questions regarding the submissions or need any support, please contact us at: